August’s Featured Vendor 2014

Blazing Bean Roasters


Blazing Bean Roasters was born from the idea that everyone deserves a better (way better) tasting coffee. A sip of really great coffee should be followed by an audible “Mmmmm” and your eyes rolling in their sockets severe enough to make someone wonder if you are having a fit of some kind. Ok. Maybe not quite that severe, but close.If this hasn’t been your experience then you haven’t had a really great cup o’ joe. 


Blazing Beans Roasters

So you may be wondering,”How can a cup of coffee provide this surreal, out of body experience?” The answer: slow-roasted single-origin beans that are made in small batches with care and deliberation. They know you probably don’t have the time to roast your own coffee at home so they’ve decided to do it for you.
It is their belief that the coffee they purchase should be Fair Trade and Organic. What that means is they will be getting their raw coffee stock from plantations that practice fair treatment and business practices to the farmers as well as fair treatment to you by not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. As they choose their coffee they are hoping to put information about the area and people on their web page so you can feel as good about your coffee purchase as they do.

They will be offering coffee from around the globe. Some of the selections may rotate as not all regional coffee is available throughout the year.


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